VII Workshop on Education in Computing and Informatics

Computing has become one of the main drivers and modulators of cultural and economic changes experienced by humanity in recent decades. At the same time science and information technologies evolve rapidly driven by advances in scientific and technological knowledge, and by the dynamism of the economy in an increasingly globalized world. In this context, training of computer professionals presents great challenges, since disciplinary knowledge and associated technologies are constantly evolving, and that the scope of Computer continues to grow.

Under this scenario the higher education institutions, as major players in the training of computer professionals, should seek to provide training to their students attitudes, skills and competencies according to the needs posed by the social world. As a result, the curriculum of computer careers are changing according to these new demands, which influences educational processes. For this, educators should play a key role in response to these changes in the orientation and training of these professionals; that is, they must evolve both methods, and the content of the syllabi.

The Workshop in Education Computer Engineering started as an initiative of academic from various Chilean universities with a space to make known educational projects that are developing in the area, so as to strengthen networks of collaboration and working together.

It is expected to encounter entrenched networks of collaboration between national and international universities and allow enhancing knowledge in new teaching methodologies in the computer field.