VII Workshop ICT Applications for the Industry

At present, the correct use of Information Technology and Communication ICT represents a productive asset for organizations. Effective management of ICT, in its general context, it is a way to tap these resources to increase the competitive advantages and promote the development of skills in the members of the organization.

Therefore, in an increasingly globalized and competitive world, ICT play a strategic role, as they allow to streamline business processes, manage information and knowledge of the organization and its environment, increase production capacity, support decision making, establish procedures for management control, automate procedures, in summary; generate value to both customers and employees and shareholders.

INFONOR-CHILE is a space for the dissemination of scientific and professional academic activity in the area of the computer and information including various activities such as presentations of scientific articles, presentations of works of ICT applications for sustainable development in the North Chile, tutorials and invited talks by leading national and international, together with multi-sectoral discussion tables University-Business-Government guiding future joint actions.

The Workshop on ICT Applications for Industry, aims to be a forum to publicize works and public-private experiences in relation to this area, as well as articulate and strengthen a network to share experiences and keep abreast of best practices and strategic visions in ICT.