VII Workshop on Software Process Improvement

At present, companies looking to deliver products and services of better quality, increasingly complex, in short times and at low cost. From this arises the importance of these organizations are able to manage, control and improve their development processes and maintenance.

The discipline of process management software, emerged from the Software Engineering Institute, in 1985, and since then the work in this area has been increasing, connecting researchers, tool developers, consultants, educators and professionals software. There are new opportunities and challenges that extend the discipline of process management to new areas of knowledge yet unexplored.

The Workshop Process Improvement Software was born in 2010 as an initiative of a group of academics from various Chilean universities, with the aim of having a space where you make known the research projects being developed in the area, so as to strengthen networks of collaboration and joint work.

In its seventh edition (2016), the workshop is organized by the Consortium of Universities in Northern Chile. In his work done at the level of Latin America, researchers and professionals involved in various process improvement initiatives in areas of software process will be presented.

It is expected that this new encounter entrenched networks of collaboration between universities and companies, and that expand the application of good practices and successful strategies that have been tested in different Latin American countries.